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Capacity shortages in US Haulage

Wed, Feb 07, 2018
Driver shortages, strong demand and new regulations blamed for delays in US haulage

Delays and rising costs in US haulage are mainly caused by truck driver shortages and scarcity of rail cars, strong consumer demand and new regulations. 

Capacity shortages last week were exacerbating delays at the Port of New York and New Jersey, which was already suffering from a railcar shortage. Several major US ports were also struggling to clear congested piers with congestion reported as “severe” in Charleston, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Savannah, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Memphis and Houston. 

Atlantic Container Line (ACL) reported that as the situation stands, guaranteeing carrier haulage deliveries and pick-ups on a timely basis as part of a through rate is extremely difficult. ACL advises customers that - despite seeking to provide all valued customers with a premium service - ACL cannot be held responsible for any third party costs that may be associated with inability to secure adequate truck power to deliver or collect shipments, or spot containers, in North America. These charges may inlcude - amongst others - storage fees, warehouse labor and demurrage.