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Much shorter transit times between NEUR and Abidjan

Fri, Oct 02, 2015
Improvement of the service between North Europe and Ivory Coast/Abidjan

We are glad to inform you about Grimaldi’s improved service between North Europe and Ivory Coast/Abidjan.

Abidjan will now be served with our CEX service which shortens the transit time by 6 days for imports and exports.

E.g. 10 days from Antwerp to Abidjan and 25 days from Abidjan to Antwerp. Furthermore there will be a direct call to Amsterdam on a fortnightly basis.

The CEX service will soon be completed with a total of 6 new built vessels named Grande Tema, Grande Lagos, Grande Cotonou, Grande Dakar, Grande Abidjan and the last to follow by end of the year.

These improvements have been received with great interest by cocoa traders and other businesses.