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South is the new North

Wed, Aug 23, 2017
La Spezia and Genoa thrive while Northern European ports struggle

Strikes by railway operators, heavily congested terminals, cyber attacks...The list of problems in the major Northern European ports don't seem to come to an end.

Swiss importers and exporters are again taking a blow, as the railway connection between Switzerland and Rotterdam are disrupted. Tunnel construction works in Germany destabilized the surface and deformed the overlying railway tracks. Cargo was stuck for days and still today, the rhine valley corridor is barred for cargo from and to Switzerland. The usual corridor will remain blocked until October. Thanks to the creativity and effort of Swiss entrepreneur "Schweizerzug" a connection with a detour via Singen has been established.

The problems of Swiss importers and exporters are far from solved. A lot of cargo is barged on the river Rhine, avoiding the railway problems. Capacity on the remaining railway solutions will be strained, when water levels on the river Rhine continue their decline.

It's odd in many ways that - despite all these problems in the North - many still consider the Italian ports as "difficult". Yet in fact, Genoa and La Spezia have been offering a steady, reliable solution for imports and exports to Switzerland for a long time. Take Tarros as an example - no strikes in decades, efficient terminals and a secure, fast oncarriage offered by two different providers ensure that cargo from the Mediterranean Sea reach their receivers on time. Tarros has been serving customers since 1963 and has a proven track record of consistency and professionalism in shipping containers in the Mediterranean Sea.

If timely delivery is critical for your supply-chain, the Southern ports provide the security and efficiency you need. Contact us today, for rates, schedules and further information. Kevin Montigel is looking forward to receive your message or your call.

The world is changing and when it comes to reliable supply chains, the South is the new North.