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PIL receives the Kota Pahlawan (11'923 TEU)

Thu, Nov 02, 2017
The right ship at the right time

PIL welcomes the Kota Pahlawan to their fleet. It is the first of 12 neo-panamaxes of 11’923 TEU capacity.

"The timing could not be more perfect for Singapore's largest box ship owner-operator to receive the first unit of the PIL newbuild program." Such enthusiastic words are chosen by the usually restrained "Business Times". The new ships have been ordered at the low point of the shipbuilding cycle, and now is the right time to receive the by far largest container vessels ever ordered by PIL. The 12 units will join PIL's fleet over the next 18 months, just as box trade is recovering from a multi-year trough.

The new ships will propel PIL’s fleet to become ninth in capacity worldwide, with a shipping capacity of 500’000 TEU’s. Each of the newbuilds features 1’400 reefer plugs to cater for refrigerated containers.

The vessels are well-suited to ply the more lucrative long-haul trades. For a start PIL has opted to put its first two 11’800 TEU vessels on a Far East – US service. Alphaliner speculates the following vessels might join the Far East – Red Sea market, or even the Far East West Africa trade.

The Africa trade is the main involvement of Ozean as agents of PIL. Our customers say that our 20 years’ experience in moving substantial volumes from and to the African continent benefits their business. We are proud to be associated with PIL and having been the agent of these outstanding Singaporean Entrepreneurs for 20 years. And counting…