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Chittagong backlog rises to 2'000 containers

Mon, Aug 13, 2018
Strikes, congested roads and a solution in the making

Shipping to and from Bangladesh is usually not an easy thing to do. Congested terminals, bad roads and strikes make trading with Bangladesh difficult. Latest example is this week's two-day strike by the transport sector workers, which saw the backlog of containers in Chittagong rise to 2'000 containers. 

However, despite the prevailing problems, there are clear signs that the authorities are willing to tackle the problems. JOC reports that the Chittagong Port Authoritiy signed 30 Million Dollar Deal to acquire 4 more gantry cranes to speed up container loading and loading. While this should help to deal with the ever-growing volumes of cargo shipped via Chittagong, we do hope that more investment in the hinterland will follow this good initiative.