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Blockchain? Cell guides!

Wed, Jan 09, 2019
What to learn from the MSC Zoe accident. And what not.

Blockchain seems to be the answer to all problems in life nowadays. While in some areas, blockchain might indeed create value, it has been taken to absurd dimensions in other areas. In a news article following the accident of MSC Zoe in the north sea last week, blockchain was praised to be the solution to avoid such incidents in future. Seemingly without any sarcasm, the article goes on to explain that "sensors installed on containers could have recorded turbulences" and that a blockchain could have established that "the damage occured while on board of the ship." 

You've got to be kidding.

There is a way how to avoid containers being washed over board in the rough waters of the North Atlantic. The solution is less fashionable than blockchain and is called "cell guides". These steel structures hold the containers firmly in place, no matter how many waves roll against the ship. This is the reason why accidents like this aren't happening to our principal ACL. All their brand-new vessels are equipped with cell guides, as have been their last generation of ships which were built in 1984 (not much talk of blockchain then).

Customers of ACL have been enjoying smooth voyages for decades. The carriers investment in the safety of crew, ship and cargo is benefitting our customers and could help keep your cargo safe too.