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Yemen situation – update situation of our principals

Fri, Apr 10, 2015
WEC and PIL forced to adjust their services

Dear Customers

We are here below summarising situation of our 2 principals serving Yemen ports as follows:

WEC Lines
Please note that the situation in Yemen has aggravated and this resulted in a total stop of the maritime link to Hodeidah Aden and Mukallah. We are requested to stop accepting any bookings for Yemen  until further notice.

Pacific International Lines
Please be informed that PIL will be taking independent action to impose the following surcharges for all cargo into Aden / Hodeidah with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

Emergency Surcharge
Quantum : USD 300/20′, USD 600/40′
Applicable : – Shipments from ALL origins into Aden and Hodeidah
– only apply to NEW SHIPMENTS.

BOOKINGS on board, gate in or empties picked are NOT APPLICABLE.
Payment method : – Payable at POL by shipper/freight payer.

Diversion Surcharge
Quantum : – USD300/20′, USD600/40′
Applicable : – All affected shipments already on waters that incurred additional transhipment at Redsea ports into Aden only.

PIL continous to serve Yemen ports until further notice.

We keep you updated.
Your Ozeam-Team