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Structural improvements at Ozean

Mon, Jan 11, 2016
Big steps forward at Ozean

In this New Year, we’re taking big steps forward at Ozean.

Ozean’s rich history dates back to 1982, the year the company was established. In 1999 Thomas Rösch took over the company. Ever since, and still today, he’s the owner of Ozean. Over the years Thomas led the company to become an influential shipping agency in Switzerland and even beyond.

The business has since grown substantially, and so has the company. The then one-man-show has turned into a firm of 12 employees. Today, the time has come to take Ozean to a new level and adjust our structure to suit the needs of our principals and customers even better.

Thomas Rösch acting as President will concentrate on the company strategy and will continue to look after our commodity customers.
Michael Bubendorf has been appointed Managing Director of Ozean effective 01.01.2016. He joined Ozean in April last year, after 12 years in the freight forwarding industry. He also served two years at Alstom, after having worked and lived in East Africa for five years.
Kevin Montigel has been appointed Operations Manager responsible for Grimaldi, Tarros, WEC Lines and Sarjak. His proven people skills and his unmatched eye for detail make him the perfect man for the job.
The reorganisation will be completed later this year, with the designated Operations Manager for PIL joining us in May. We will provide further details in the coming months.

The criterion for the success of our reorganisation is the satisfaction of our principals and our customers. We are committed to serving you even better in the future and are looking forward to continue doing business with you. We will ensure we remain the speedy little fish, which we know is one of the reasons why you enjoy working with us.

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