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Update: SOLAS – Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Wed, Jun 15, 2016
No containers will be loaded effective unless the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) has been submitted

All lines represented by Ozean advised that no containers will be loaded effective 01.07.2016 unless the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) has been submitted in due time to the line.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to submit accurate and complete information to the line on time. Shippers can do so directly to the local office of the shipping line at the Port of Loading.

Ozean clients can also choose to submit the VGM information to Ozean instead, for submission to the line. Ozean will then submit the received information to the line on behalf of the client. In this case, responsibilities and risks inherent to the submission of this information will be assumed by Ozean. However, the risk and liability of Ozean is strictly limited to the submission of the information received. Even in the event of Ozean submitting the VGM to the line, shippers are required to follow due process in the establishment of the VGM and must provide accurate, correct and complete information to Ozean. Upon request our clients are required to provide documentation to evidence that due process has been followed in establishing the VGM provided to Ozean.

If Ozean is requested to submit the VGM to the line on behalf of the shipper, the following applies:

Shippers are required to follow due process in establishing the VGM.
The VGM must be provided to Ozean 1 working day before the local deadline for VGM submission (this varies from port to port). If the VGM is not received at that time, it is assumed that the shippers declared the VGM directly to the line.
A VGM submission fee of USD 40.- is charged to the freight payer.
Shippers are required to provide all information in full, including Booking number, Container number, VGM weight including units of measurement, date and time of establishing the VGM, VGM ascertainment method (1 or 2, see regulation), name of the responsible person at the shippers and signature.
Any containers noncompliant with the new SOLAS requirements will remain at the terminal at port of loading. All charges related to this, including but not limited to weighing costs, shut out cost, storage cost levied by the local authorities/terminals, demurrage and other administrative costs are for account of cargo and are payable by the freight payer.

We remain at your assistance for any further information you may require.

For more information on the available methods to establish the VGM, please refer to our news dated 28.03.2016: