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Connecting the dots

How we shipped a new brewery line from Hamburg to Mombasa

Our customer Spedag Interfreight contacted us for a transport from Hamburg to Mombasa. This is one of our strongest lanes, where we carry many containers with our principal WEC Lines.

However, this time we were talking about cargo that can’t be carried on a container vessel.

We’ve found a solution by connecting the service of our principal Grimaldi with those of Messina. Grimaldi operates Con/Ro vessels, capable of loading very heavy over-dimensional cargo. The mere fact that Grimaldi isn’t calling East African ports couldn’t stop us. The cargo was discharged from Grimaldi’s “Grande Cotonou” in the Italian port of Salerno and loaded again on the same mafi trailers on Messina’s Con/Ro ship “Jolly Quarzo”. The bottling line arrived in perfect condition in the port of Mombasa – the starting point of the inland journey, more than 1’500 km away from it’s final destination Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Coming back to our principal WEC Lines - the container carrier was involved in the success story too. A lot of containerized material needed to be transported to Mombasa too. It was East Africa expert WEC Lines who delivered the 55 containers for this project to Mombasa.

Some say that shipping is all about “connecting the dots” and these folks might have got it right.